Study in Singapore

Why to Study in Singapore?

With affordable tuition fees, world-class education, and globally competitive universities, Singapore has been a haven for international students pursuing higher education in their desired field of study. Did you know? Over the past decade, the government's expenditure on higher education has spiked to 12 billion Singapore dollars. Most universities in Singapore offer diverse courses ranging from business administration to arts, culinary, management environment and finance.

As per the Global Peace Index Report, Singapore ranks amongst the top 20 peaceful nations in the world to study and live peacefully. The thriving ecosystem of nature reserves, wetlands, and wildlife makes this nation one of the exotic South Asian destinations for international students in Singapore to spend time on leisure hours. Every year, Singapore welcomes over 80,000 international students from 100+ nationalities.
  • Public Universities in Singapore are funded by the Singaporean government and open to international and local students. Though these institutions are government-funded, they are autonomous; hence they can bring changes to syllabus, teaching methodologies and research-oriented activities.
  • Private Universities in Singapore also receive funding from the Singapore Government, and The Ministry of Education monitors the syllabuses. Polytechnic universities/ institutions offer diverse practice-oriented diploma courses for international students.

    How much does it cost to study in Singapore?

    The tuition fee for international students in Singapore varies depending on the university and courses you enrol in Singapore. In order to study a UG program in Singapore, the average tuition fee ranges between S$ 51,000 and S$ 115,000, depending on the type of course. For students enrolling in a PG program, the tuition fee ranges from S$ 46,000 to S$ 133,000.

    When it comes to living costs, international students studying in Singapore will need to spend between S$ 1000 and S$ 2200 a month. This cost of living in Singapore is an avera

    considering all the basic necessities such as food, travel and accommodation. Most students prefer off-campus accommodation in Singapore, which costs around S$ 700 a month.

    Health Insurance to Study in Singapore

    International students in Singapore must have valid health insurance coverage throughout the course tenure to study higher education in Singapore. The MOE (Ministry of Education) mandates health insurance as a prerequisite for the Singapore student visa process.

    The Ministry of Education (MOE) requires all international students in Singapore to have a valid medical insurance policy throughout their study period in Singapore. It is advisable to get in touch with our counsellors to know about all available Singapore health insurance before planning to study at any of the Singaporean universities. There are 2 types of health insurance in Singapore such as public and private health covers. International students in Singapore are advised to take up private health insurance to avoid spending lump sums at private hospitals for any medical consultation or physical ailments.
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